We Buy Music and Audio Gear!

We typically pay more than most other dealers, so check with us before you sell!

** We are primarily buying higher end professional gear, so please understand that we can no longer buy some of the cheaper brands and models...


  • Recorders
  • Microphones
  • Mic Preamps
  • Compressors
  • EQ's
  • Effects Processors
  • Reference Monitors
  • Power Amps
  • Keyboards & Modules
  • Drum Machines
  • Audio & Midi Interfaces
  • Guitar & Bass Gear
  • Apple Mac Computers
    (visit www.cash4macs.com)

Again, we are primarily buying higher end professional gear,
so we won't be able to take in all brands and models...
Thanks for understanding!

We're in the Nashville area, but we buy from all over the country!

* Hours -
* We are also heavily involved in studio and live production, so office hours can vary greatly due to project and production schedules!

Email is by far the BEST way to contact us, but if you call, please leave a detailed message if we're out. We check email and voicemail regularly!

Nashville area
(see note above about office hours)
Again, please leave message if we're out!

Why sell to us?
  • We usually pay more than other dealers
  • We'll buy your entire lot so you don't have to deal with 20 different buyers
  • We've been in business for years, so you don't have to worry about getting ripped off (although it has happened to us...)
  • We pay faster than most dealers if you have to ship your gear in!

Q - What is the best way to contact you about my gear?
A - Use the form to the left and fill it out as completely as possible.

Q - What is the procedure, and how do I get paid?
A - Once we agree on the price, you will need to pack your item(s) very well and ship it/them in to us. Once we receive and test the gear, and confirm it's in the condition described, we can generally mail a check out within 1-2 business days, so there's no long waiting period as with many of the other dealers.

Q - Why do you prefer email instead of phone calls?
A - It takes a little time to research the value of any given piece of gear, and it's easier to collect the information we need through email or the web-form. Also, due to some of our production work outside the office, we're not always available during "normal" hours, but may be in a position to answer emails at any time.

Q - How long have you been in business?
A - We started back in 1996!

Q - Who's responsible for shipping?
A - When we quote a price, it will be for the total amount we can pay out, including any shipping costs. UPS Ground and FedEx Ground offer the best services for most gear (UPS Stores excluded). Shipping will probably be a lot cheaper than you expect!

Shipping Address:
Cash For Gear
800 18th Ave S,. Suite D
Nashville, TN 37203
Note - Please schedule an appointment before coming to office. Thanks!

Please pack items carefully with a minimum of 3 inches padding inside the box. We are not responsible for and will not accept items damaged due to improper packaging.

Email us at


Or use the handy web-form below!   Let us know your general location, and be sure to include as many details as you can about your items, including exact model, condition, items included (box, manual, accessories, etc), and your best price!




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Message or List of Gear:

* All fields are optional, but for fastest communication, please fill them all out. We won't share your info with anyone!


Payment: We can arrange payment in a number of ways. Like any other dealer, we cannot pay for items prior to receiving and testing them, but we don't have any long holding/waiting periods. If you have to ship your items in, we can typically have payment sent out within 2 business days (not 7-10 like other places). Payment is usually company check, unless you prefer PayPal or another service.

For local purchases, we pay with cash or company check, depending on total purchase amount, and we do reserve the right for 48 hours to test items if they can't be tested on site.

Disclaimer: This site and any other associated ad is an invitation to enter into negotiations for the purchase of the above mentioned and similar items. It in no way implies that we are obligated in any way to purchase any items offered unless a mutually agreed upon purchase agreement is reached, which would include all product details, pricing, and terms of sale. We cannot be held liable for any losses incurred outside of a valid purchase agreement. CashForGear.com and Cash4Macs.com are the property of Gear Closet Audio.